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PG - Before the Flood, Cars Demo 1975

I borrowed took this from another site.. but total credits are on the page.


These are evidently very early demos recorded for "car" (1976, Atco - Atco being Atlantic, a Warner subsidiary label). They are extremely raw; they may have been done in Gabriel's home studio. Most are acoustic piano with a few accompanying support tracks and Peter singing. The songs come from a white tape box marked: 7 1/2ips 1/4 trk stereo Gabriel/Hall Fuse Music The lead sheets had the composer's names given as "Peter Gabriel and Tony Hall" and were marked with a stamp from Fuse Music, England.

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I love Peter Gabriel... I love 99.9% of his music.

But his cover of Strawberry Fields Forever.... I don't know what he is trying to do.. but it is so not right.

Every time I hear it I think of Ernie from Sesame Street... haha

PG Strawberry Fields Forever

But one cover that I love that he has done...

Just a couple I found on my pc.....

This one will be my new icon:

A cute one: (from the promo for UP I think)

LOVE this one, from Real World....*sigh*

One day I'll get there, I swear it!

From an Ebay t-shirt:

Another cute one:

And a desktop that's so cool I could kiss it:

Feel free to use any, credit if you like.

These are a few of my favorite things . .

Here's the Britannia shirt I made in summer '06 one boring, sultry day when I was off work. It's rather faded from much love!

This is but one of my Gabriel creations . . . I usually only make fan-art for gift-purposes . . . regrettably, I rarely photograph/scan my art before gifting it. I am forever kicking myself for this. I've added a few of my favorite Genesis collectibles under the cut!Collapse )

No more time but I've got more interesting goodies I'll photograph sometime! :D
Just a taste, for my lovelies..they don't come much hotter than this: